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100mm Circular Diamond Brush

The diameter of this circular diamond brush is 100mm with M14 connector. This circular diamond brush adopts the diamond-impregnated filament wire and could be used for floor renovate machine to process natural texture color, leather-look and best crystal texture.

Available grits: 30#~40#~46#~60#~80#~120#~180#~220#~400#~500#.
Available connectors:M14, 5/8-11 or snail lock.

Available  Material: nylon, SIC, nano-phase, diamond wires.

What is the advantage of ChinShine Circular diamond brush?

1. The brush wires are not easily fall off during work.
2. h-strength stainless steel is used to fix the brush wire and avoid rustness.
3. y curving brush wires are used to perform better.
4. grit inside the brush wire doesn't fall off in virtue of the bend.
5. length and desity of brush wire is reasonably designed.
6. Brush wires are good in hardness and tenacity in wet condition.
7. The bending recovery of brush wire is excellent.
8. The abrasion resistance of brush wire is excellent.

circular diamond brush
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