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14 diamond saw blades for cutting granite for sales

1. ChinShine granite diamond blades introduction

Diameter: 14inch/350mm

Arbor: 25.4mm, 50mm, 60mm

Segment Height: 12mm, 15mm, 20mm

Segment Shape: Normal, Turbo

Diamond saw blades for cutting granite are the main tools which takes up about 70% in our sales volume of diamond blades.The quality and prices are pretty competitive because after hundred of test on different stone and getting the feedback from the users, we had developed perfect formula. A couple of the most substantial and classy formula are selected and used to meet the demand of cutting various granite world-wide no matter hard or soft.

We adopt best steel core blank to ensure its recycling after the segments running out,  good core blank provides good balance, low noise and stability during cutting . The quality diamond powder is used to make diamond segments. Thus, our granite saw blades have the advantage of  good cutting performance with long life.

Diameters of diamond blades for sales start from 4 inch to 140inch/3500mm.

2. The Cutting Objects of ChinShine Diamond Saw Blades

We design and produce the granite diamond blade to cut granite of different hardness, black, white, yellow, red etc. like
India Red, G603, G654, G682 and G684. Our diamond blade can be also used to cut hard brick, pavers, clay pavers, concrete without stee bar.

This 350mm diamond saw blade for granite slabs edge cutting most,you can put this blade on your hand grinder, bridge cutting machine, Rail saw or any other stone cutting saw

3. Notice of safe operation and maintenance for granite diamond saw blades

Make a steady cut, don't apply pressure and force to your diamond saw blade during cutting.

Ensure that the diamond blades do not get too hot.

Do not adjust machine when it is running.

If the blades become blunt,cut brick or sandstone or abrasive wheel to re-sharpen.

Ensure that the machine is not dropped on the blade.

Be careful to avoid burns from the overheated segments or hot engine parts.

We can also produce greater diamond blades like 2500mm/100inch and 3500mm/140inch, for any diamond blade sale, technique consultance and quotation, please email us at info@csdiamondtools.com, we will answer you within 24 hours.


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