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350mm Silent Diamond Saw Blades for Marlbe

350mm silent diamond saw blade Introduction

ChinShine 350mm silent diamond saw blades are designed to wet cut most common types of marble on bridge saw. The silent core and sandwich segments allow sharp cutting at low noise level without chipping.

This 14 inch silent diamond saw blades represents the latest technology in diamond blade manufacturing with evenly allocated diamond crystals in segment to achieve greater sharpness and higher efficiency.

Silent marble diamond saw blade helps our more clients to solve cutting difficulties and have got good feedback at home and abroad,which will largely save your production cost and bring great benefits for you.

silent diamond saw blade for marble

ChinShine Diamond Silent Core Blade Advantage

1. Good quality silent core and sandwich segments make fast and smooth cutting without chip and less noise.

2. Cutting different hard marbles steadily, it can avoid high temperature and spark

3. Professional welding method ensure diamond segments no drop during cutting,

4. It can reach 700mm/s ,while it cuts 2cm marble slab.

5. It is mainly apply for high-end marble slab on bridge saw.
silent marble diamond blade 
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