Sep. 3th, 2010 ChinShine email

Dear Mr. Serdar,

We are glad to receive your inquiry about diamond grinding wheel and thank you for your interest in our other stone cutting tools.

Since diameter 300mm diamond grinding wheel is the most common used size, we would like to offer it as follow.

Diameter: 300mm
Application: grinding and polishing of marble, granite and other. hard materials.
Price: $XXX/pc FOB Xiamen basis (this is the top quality one)
Packing: carton, wooden box
Shipping Date: 5 days after receiving the total payment
Delivery: air freight, sea freight, express

Your early reply will be highly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

Sep. 3th, 2010 Turkish customer email

Dear Mr Chen.
thank you for your kind mail.
we will use it granite and marble. to make halfbullnose and fullbullnose for 2cm and 3cm.
we have quotes from some other companies from china and we get $29 and $34 prices which are very much lower than your price.
can you give us prices for following products:
Diamond Saw Blade
Diamond Segment
Diamond Cup Wheel
Diamond Polishing Pad (dry and wet)
Diamond Drill Bits
Diamond Grinding Tools
as we are importer and seller(to our local market) please give us your all prices and your best prices because there are very big competition in our market.

Sep. 4th, 2010 ChinShine email

Dear Mr. Serdar,

Thanks a lot for your quick reply.

Yes, compared with other suppliers, there is price difference of grinding wheel. We know the competition is firece in your market, however, quality is very important. We offer the price because we make sure the tool works very well. Unhealthy competition among Chinese suppliers only hurt themselves. We don't want to destroy our reputation.

What kind of marble and granite do your customers process? Hard, middle hard, soft? Different hardness has different requirement on diamond mixture, also the structure is not the same.

A price list will be sent to you as soon as I go to work tomorrow morning as all documents are in the office. You will be highly appreciated if you can let us know the hardness of stone, in that way, we are able to offer you the exactest prices. The prices are accurately calculated based on top quality. As you mentioned, there is big competition in your market, maybe you can let us know your reasonable target prices, see if we can make it.

To be continued......


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