CNC is Computer Numerical Control, it has been applied in the machine tool industry for over 20 years. The program lets you control aspects such as feeding speed, travel distance, and rotating speed. All of this required a great deal of experience to master. Furthermore, you need to possess a unique type of skill in order to use a CNC diamond tools effectively.
Nowadays, CNC machines are so popular that you will see them being used in most industries. But the problem is that they are still expensive compared to conventional machines and not all types of work are suited for this process. CNC machines are good for large-scale productions or work that involves numerous processes. In the stone industry, the grinding and polishing processes are primarily automated by CNC machines, which generate large slabs of granite, marble, and travertine. After you input the required CNC machine tool and grinding settings, the machine will make the granite or marble products accordingly.

CNC machine tools require more accuracy and stability compared to the radial arm grinding machine. This is because the worker cannot adjust or change the polish settings during the process. If something goes wrong with the diamond tools, the CNC machine will eventually stop or continue producing defective products.
Generally speaking, CNC machine tools can be evaluated by the following points: the surface condition of the stone such as image clarity, color, burn mark, etc. These are the points that are also checked by conventional machine tools but the biggest difference is that during polishing, conventional radial arm grinding can change the polish settings according to the look of the surface, whereas CNC tools are continuously exerted.
A few well-known CNC machine manufacturers for stones are Intermac, Bavelloni, Park Industries, Marmo Meccanica, etc. Our standard CNC tools are mainly designed to be compatible with these CNC machines.

ChinShine supply the following diamond tools for CNC machine, they are diamond Finger bits, CNC Diamond Engraving Bits,CNC Router Bits, Stone Engraving Tools. 
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