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Diamond core drill bits for concrete -Fast and Sharp Cutting

1. Concrete around the world usually differ in hardness, a good conrete core drill bit maybe not working well in another region.
2. Different component and percentage inside concrete affects the drilling effect, for example, steel iron bars and pebble stone requires different kinds of diamond drill bits.
3. Some regions demand fast drilling diamond core bits while some demand long life one, for example, European and American market demands sharp and fast one.

diamond core drill bits for concrete 

ChinShine Advantage:

1. Thinner tube body make fast cutting speed, less chipping , smooth and high quality finish.

2. Diamond segments for the core drill bit can be manufactured in different shapes, like roof shape, Arix, turbo, etc.

3. ChinShine has been studying the feedback of thousands tests by incipient customers, and has developed different formula for different customer demand.

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