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Abrasive Diamond Grinding Wheel For Floor

ChinShine Floor Diamond Ginding Wheels

Description: Super aggressive bolt on diamonds for heavy stock removal, crystal damage, and deep scratches.
For Use On: Concrete
Grits:#6, #16, #30, #40, #60, #80, #150 , #300
• Very aggressive
• Long Lasting
Metal bonded diamond tools prepare a concrete floor for finishing and polishing. They grind the surface to a rough but level finish in preparation for the use of resin polishing pads.
ChinShine offers a full line of metal bond rectangle Fast Change diamond replacement segments for grinding and concrete polishing. Use the rectangle segments for aggressive grinding and removal applications. We offer many different bonds and grit sizes for all job applications. Please be sure to call about our new line of Rapid Grind diamonds designed for dry grinding of very hard concrete.
floor diamond grinding plate 
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