Buy&Custom-made quality diamond segments/tips

In order to lower cost and avoid waste, many people buy diamond segments and weld them on the saw blank.

According to segment types, there are regular diamond segment, sandwich segment, multi-layer segment and orderly arrayed segment(Arix), every type is designed for differential stone or other materials to reduce segment cost and increase cutting efficiency.
Our diamond segments(diamond tips) are applicable for hard stone like granite, 
chinshine diamond segments
marble, andesite and construction materials like concrete, asphalt, brick, porcelain, special glass and fireproof material.

Our main market is Europe, America, Brazil, Chile, East-Europe, Middle-East like Iran and Jordan. We accept Premium Quality OEM orders from the developed countries in Europe and America.

Please inform us the sizes of diamond segment/tip, blank core diameter and the cutting materials. We have own development and research department, our technicians allocate the most suitalbe formula according to user's requirement.
Common segment sizes and teeth number are:
Item No.
Outer Dia. Segment Size Segment No. Object/Materials Note
(mm) LxWxH (mm) (pcs)
QXDS300 300 40x3.0x10/12/15/20 21 granite, marble, basalt, sandstone, concrete, asphalt Please inform us the cutting object, diameter&height of segment, thanks.
QXDS350 350 40x3.2x10/12/15/20 24
QXDS400 400 40x3.4x10/12/15/20 28
QXDS450 450 40x3.8x10/12/15/20 32
QXDS500 500 40x4.2x10/12/15/20 36
QXDS600 600 40x4.6x10/12/15/20 42
QXDS800 800 40x6.0x10/12/15/20 46
QXDS1000 1000 24x7.0/6.0x13/15/20 70
QXDS1200 1200 24x7.6/6.5x13/15/20 80
QXDS1600 1600 24x9.4/8.4x15/20 108
QXDS1800 1800 24x10.0/9.0x15/20 120
QXDS2000 2000 24x10.6/9.8x15/20 128
QXDS2500 2500 24x11.5/10.5x15/20 140
QXDS3000 3000 24x12.5/11.5x15/20 160
* Size ranges from 300mm to 3500mm, other specifications are available upon request.
We are responsible manufacturer and always strict to our quality, we keep quality guarantee. If customers are not satisfied with the quality or its life, we can make another set of segment to you as free, the formula of the new segment will be adjusted according to the test result and customers'comment.
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