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Electroplated diamond cutting disc

Electroplated diamond cutting disc has very good performance in sharpness and generates minimum heat during cutting. It doesn't like metal bonded diamond saw blades, electroplated diamond cutting disc is more suitable to be used for cutting in dry condition and fast, because it has very high concentration of diamonds rigidly bonded on the surface of diamond segments by nickel alloy and the diamond particles protrude from the bond. The nickel bond electroplated diamond cutting disc is mainly suitable for the operation of beginning cut. They can be used for cutting a wide range of hard and abrasive materials such as marble, granite, ceramic tile, glass, thermosetting plastics, concrete board, GRP, pre-sintered and pre-fired (green) materials, refractory brick, HPL/Fire-proof plate(HighPressureLaminate), electro carbons, graphite, soft ferrites, farinaceous products, pc boards and many other construction materials.

One of the special advantages of electroplated diamond cutting disc is that it is flexible enough to make into almost any diamond coating designs and specifications.

- Continuous rim diamond cutting disc offers smooth cutting effect on glass, plastic board, ceramic tile and acrylic    board.
- Segmented rim diamond cutting disc is recommended for cutting marble, granite, concrete board and other abrasive    materials where chipping and broken edge is not important.
- “Key hole” and “U” slots are common slot types of segmented rim.
- Wear bar is called pads or protection tips too. Customized designs can be accepted.
- Flanges are available for diamond cutting discs range from dia. 100mm to dia. 230mm.

diamond cutting disc
More and more marble factories get to use electroplated cutting disc, because electroplated diamond cutting disc is sharp enough to cut well and won't cause broken edge, the cutting effect is much better than sintered small diamond saw blade.

Meanwhile, we can also supply vacuum brazed diamond blade. For the sake of environmental protection, vacuum brazed diamond blade will take the place of electroplated diamond cutting disc to avoid pollution during production.

Electroplated diamond cutting disc for marble
electroplated diamond disc 
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