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Large Diamond Saw Blades & Diamond Circular Blades

The diameter of large saw blade range from 900mm to 3500 mm. Large diamond circular saw blades are usually re-tipped when the diamond segments are used up, thus we mostly provide loose segments for these blades. We can also provide the complete blade blank core with segments, our blade core could be recycle used over 10 times repeatedly.

We make sandwich segments mostly, so as to enable free cutting and creat more output. Our segments can be used for water cutting & any other lubricants to keep the segments and cores cool. However we request customers to inform us in advance about the cutting medium and relative characters, so as to design the tool accordingly and precisely.

1600 diamond saw blades

By good sharpness, our diamond segments cut the hardest of the stone without any load on the machines and the blade. Thus we guarantee free and smooth cutting segments with long life. Our segments can be manufactured with height ranging from 10 mm upto 35 mm. We proudly state that our segments can adapt to any condition of the machine due to its inherent design of smooth cutting and latest state of art technology. We also provide segments of blades of various sizes and shapes used on single machine as per users' requirement.
As we have advanced R&D and experienced tool designers with special knowledge of metal bonding and diamond quality, our technology gets upgraded from time to time and we always test and confirm segment quality before we put it into the market. Our segments and blades are used for cutting all natural stones with different hardness such as granite, marble, sand stone, limestone, slate, basalt, etc. As these are large diamond saw blades, we give special emphasis on the bonding and we supply sandwich as well as multi layer segments. We give complete blades with welded diamond segments as well as loose segments for this category. These large diamond saw blades are famous for low power consumption and give perfect finish to the slabs and tiles from the block. We provide single blade and multi blades for the customers.
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