Diamond could be synthesized under man-made environments, the synthetic diamonds can be the same with or even better than natural diamonds. Gemesis, the world’s leading gem synthetic diamonds producer and supplier from USA, he says: “Gemesis cultured diamonds are at the forefront of a revolution in the diamond jewelry field. A Gemesis cultured diamond is a diamond, grown under the same conditions as diamonds grow beneath the earth’s surface. By applying tremendous heat and pressure, a diamond starts to grow,layer by layer, atom by atom,  just as it does in nature. A Gemesis cultured diamond possesses the same physical, optical and chemical properties as earth-grown diamonds.”

natural diamonds 
The production cost of a cultured diamond is less than 0.5% of the cost for a same natural diamond. So far, Gemesis is making bigger diamond gemstones in large quantity. Moreover, the diamonds’color can be white, yellow, pink,green,  blue, even red, which are rare around the world and are known as “awesome color”.

It was reported that one of the leading synthetic diamond manufacture companies in China is also researching gem quality synthetic diamonds and already can produce 8.0mm ones. This company used to produce small synthetic diamonds for the field of diamond tools.

On June 8th, 2010, Quanzhou ChinShine (China) successfully made 8.0mm, 2 carats weight high quality yellow diamond.Now, more and more Chinese diamond companies have strong power to produce the synthetic diamonds for the market, not matter for industry or Jewelry market uses. Varioius quality, cheap price diamond can be found everywhere.
synthetic diamonds
The global market shows that synthetic diamond gemstones are more and more popular. One American jeweler dealer said: “If you go into a shop and buy a beautiful diamond, it may not grown in some steamy hot jungle in Central America; it’s grown in a hothouse somewhere in California USA. But it doesn't change the fact that it is a beautiful diamond.” “Nobody cares if it is from any place. Our customers just want a beautiful diamond.”

With the same or even better but much cheaper synthetic diamond gemstones’ emerging on the diamond market, it can be anticipated that the natural diamonds will have no advantages and their values will decrease gradually. If you have natural diamond or have investments on them, you must be more careful.
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