The Technology Choice of Diamond Saw Blades II 
 In last news, we introduce the particle size of diamond saw blades, the concentration distribution of diamond saw blades, and the intensity of diamond saw blades. In this news, other two points of the technology choice of diamond saw blades will be also introduced briefly, following the last news.
 4.The choice of cohesiveness of diamond saw blades:
The performance of saw blades not only depends on the diamond saw blade, but on the tool bit that is formed by diamond and binder proper. As for some soft stones such as marble, the mechanical properties of the cutting tools is required relatively lower. So producers can choose copper base binder. But copper base adhesive has low sintering temperature, strength and hardness, although its toughness is really good, the performance of combination with diamond is not good. Tungsten carbide (WC), with the WC or W2C as a skeleton of metal, adds into the right amount of cobalt in order to improve the strength, hardness, and combining performance. 
  5.The choice of the sintering process of diamond saw blades:
With the increase of temperature, the densification degree of tire body increases, and the bending strength also increases. What’s more, as the extension of heat preservation time, the The choice of cohesiveness of blank tire body and diamond saw blades will get higher and then get lower. Under 800 ℃, this working situation can meet the requirements to get good performance of diamond saw blades.
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