In our country, until the end of last century, modern efficient cutting tools (diamond blade) had  developed lowly. What tool industry offers for manufacturing is basically the traditional standard high speed steel tools and a small amount of carbide cutting tools, which is equivalent of the tool industry level in the developed countries thirty years ago. Since entering the new century, however, as a new round of economic growth in China, diamond blade industry speeds up the pace of modernization. Chinese digital manufacturing technology and equipment (including diamond blade, CNC machine tools, form a complete set of features and modern and efficient tool, numerical control instrument) have rapidly development. The end of last century, Chinese metal-cutting machine tool production has reached 190000 units, but only 14000 units of numerically-controlled machine tool. At that time, modern efficient tools (such as diamond blade) represented by new type of cemented carbide accounted for less than 15% of all sales of cutting stools, and it was a really low level.
    In 2007, the output of numerically-controlled machine tool was 123200 units, and the production numerical control rate is 43.7%. Match with the high proportion of carbide cutting tools and up to 40.3% of all sales tool.Since entering the new century, therefore, nc machine tools, diamond blade and efficient tool in our country has got a rapid development. At present, the localization of the modern efficient cutting tool (such as diamond blade) have batch into the car, mold, aerospace, power generation equipment, general machinery and other industries. The performance of some products has reached or close to international advanced level, effectively breaking the monopoly position in the field of import tool in some, for efficient cutting tools and diamond blade in China market has contributed to the specification of the competition.
    It should be pointed out that the development of the diamond blade broke through the stagnant situation for a long time. Diamond blade industry obtained the rapid development, with a growth of more than 30% for several years, much higher than the growth rate of conventional high speed steel tools. Such a welcomed change marks that, since entering the new century, diamond blades industry in China has a transformation from the traditional standard to the modern efficient transformation of cutting tool, and diamond blade industry entered a new development track. Of course, the progress of diamond blade in recent years has still a big gap compared with the development needs of manufacturing. So most diamond blade enterprises must identify trends and try to speed up the development process of modern and efficient tool, diamond blade industry.
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