Q: After we make the payment, how long can we receive the tools?
A: The leading time depends on the quantity and what kind of diamond tools you order. Generally speaking, it takes 6-10 days to produce diamond segments, diamond brush, diamond polishing pads and diamond wire saw. The diamond saw blade need 2-3 weeks.

For some customized tools for special purpose and big order quantity like 1,000,000pcs diamond segment, we may need about 1 month to complete the production.

Before placing the order, please confirm the leading time with our salesman and specially instruct if urgent.

Q:  What are your payment terms?
A:  For small order, pay 100% in advance. Air Cargo or air express, the payment should be 100% T/T before shipment. For the big order, pay 30% or 50% in advance, pay the balance after complete the production of order. We can also accept other payment terms, for example L/C to support our clients.

Q: What should we do if your tools can not work well?
A: Give us detailed report about the usage and we should analyze the reason. If the problem is not caused by unproper operation or different stone type and you can prove our tools problem, we will make another batch of tools to replace the bad one. Besides, we will try to find a way to solve the problem.

Q: How can I get the best suitable diamond saw blades and diamond segment for my work?
A: Provide ChinShine more details about your stone and saw machine parameters:
1. tell us your target output/performance, such as lifespan and sharpness,
2. Stone Hardness, Abrasiveness and Grit Size of diamond, pictures or samples if possible.
3. Machine type to be used for example Diamond saw blades, Bridge Saw, Table Saw, Brick Saw, etc.
4. Main Motor of Machine, Spindle RPM, Feeding Speed and Cutting Depth.
5. Thickness of blade core blank (blade without diamond segments) for suitable diamond segment width.
Please provide more details as possible as you can.

Q: What is the minimum order quantity that we should buy?
A: If we have stock for sample, you can order any quantity you want, if we need to produce specially for you, we advice you order more samples to test in different factories and get accurate result, and we don't have any trouble to produce small quantity samples.

Q: How can I know the shipping cost that I should pay for?
A: Firstly, we calculate the total weight of your order, then consult the shipping agent for both air freight and sea freight, you have the right to choose a shipping method that is economical and convenient to you.

Q: How many quality levels do you have for diamond segments or diamond saw blade?
A: Different country and region have different requirement on quality and price. And different stone type and saw parameter affects the quality and price of diamond segment. For example, we export top quality one which is in consonance with 85% of Italian quality to Europe and America. If the segments are for India or Middle-east, the quality standard is a bit lower than European one and the prices are lower accordingly since these regions care about prices more.

Q: We are thinking about buying diamond tools from your company, how can I know the quality?
A: Now lots of people in the world like to use Chinese products, although the quality is not the best while the price is very competitive. ChinShine is one professional manufacturer in stone cutting field for over 10 years. We think a small amount trial order for testing is necessary

Q: Can I get FREE Samples for quality checking first if I want to buy your diamond tools?
A: Chinshine never offered free samples to any clients, this is high value product therefore only few diamond tools companies would offer free samples. According to Chinshine's experiences, Chinshine thinks that when people get the samples by paying, they will cherish what they get and pay more attention to the test. Although the quantity & amount of sample is small, its cost is higher than regular production. Do communicate fully with our engineer before producing samples.

Q: Why could not find any prices in your website?
A: As there are lots of products with different sizes, application and different requirements, it is not possible and not necessary for us to put all diamond tools' prices in the website. We always make the offer according to customers specific requirement and actual application.

Q: What's your requirement of being a distributor or agent for customers?
A: Any customers who want to become our distributor or agent in local region should have capacity to sell at least 3000pcs/sets for one item. We can give 5% to 10% discount to distributors as encouragement and support. But the payment should be 100% T/T in advance for the first cooperation. And we will provide stepped quotation for distributors to meet different sales target. It means that the more quantity you order, the lower price you can get.

3. Technique of Super Thin Diamond Circular Saw Blade
After years of hard study and the practice of diamond super thin circular saw blade, we conclude that diamond super thin circular saw blade plays a very important roll in stone production. It saves production cost and improve work efficiency at the same time.
4.Why we use diamond super thin circular saw blade?
In the production of stone with diamond saw blade, the key point is how to reduce production cost and improve work efficiency. The percentage of outturn of raw stone block especially expensive imported block is at the first consideration. With diamond super thin blade, we can improve the percentage of outturn of raw stone material by 5%, reduce the production cost. Besides, the diamond blade is quite thin, therefore, the cost of diamond segment and water and electricity is saved. So the usage of diamond super thin circular saw blade reduce production cost greatly which is about 10-40 square meter.
5. ChinShine launches blade for cutting stones
Unique grooves of Blades Chinshine allow time gain in the cutting process and thereby increasing productivity

The Chinshine China, have been in the production and marketing of cutting blades for granite and marble looms for many years.

Aiming to ensure customers agility and responsiveness in service delivery and technical assistance, the Chinshine Blades are produced in various dimensions.

The Chinshine blades have specially developed and patented grooves that allow the removal of the nozzle without hitting the bat, returning to the initial geometry and increasing product life. The dwell time for the withdrawal nozzle is reduced by 70% due to the presence of the grooves, which represents time gain in the cutting process.

The tensile strength and hardness of the blades are obtained directly from the steel making process, not requiring any pre-tensioning operation to obtain an excellent result in the cutting operations of ornamental stone.

The Chinshine quality proven by over 15 years in business, it is presented by obtaining the blades, ensuring a high standard of excellence, so getting a certificate that certifies all controls made by the company to ensure the best performance.
6. Cutting blade stone diamond formation

Product Description
ADVANTAGE: The core is stronger than other core, providing good balance and low noise. The signal Chinshine MADE in China can satisfy high demands.

(1). --- A quick cut of Blade TRAINING Chinshine is 10% ~ 20% faster with less power than Wanlong diamond segment blade when cutting hard granite. It's found when the blade has cut 2.5mm height, even if the speed is 20% faster than the cutting start.

(2). Low noise --- 0.5 ~ 2.5dB lower than traditional blades with silent core blades using FORMATION of Chinshine core muffler.

(3). Long life --- It shows that the life of the blade's formation Chinshine blade is longer than the traditional 30%.

(4). --- No chipping blade forming Chinshine is proved better than the blade Wanlong and Shinhan Arrix in flake. Not cause chipping at all because the diamonds on both sides of the segment are fine enough to provide clean cut and chip-free.

(5). Cut straight --- Several channels appear during cutting because of diamonds evenly distributed to keep the cut straight.

(6). --- The less resistance of the segment is trapezoid shape (wide at the top, narrower at the bottom), it will reduce the resistance during cutting.

(7). Consistency --- Consistent performance warranty blade formation Chinshine from beginning to end.

BLADE TRAINING of the Chinshine SUPER + laboratory is authorized by the best of GE's blade granite here.
Diamond Segment
1. The sharpness of diamond segment is the key.
For the mechanical aspect, since the thickness of super thin blade is reduced, the rigidity of blade is weakened. Besides standard stiffness, hardness and total runout of diamond blade, in order to remain the cutting ability like standard thickness blade, the sharpness of diamond segment is the first key. The sharpness of diamond segment is determined by the following 5 factors.
<1>. Increasing the strength of diamond. The strength of diamond for super thing diamond segment should be 1~2 kg higher than the one for standard diamond segment.
<2>. Increasing the proportion of large size diamond, that is to say, increase the proportion of 40/50# diamond to above 60%.
<3>. Reducing the concentration of diamond, usually below 25%.
<4>. Appropriately select the formula for matrix, that is to say select the low temperature metal bond formula which let the edge easily to be opened and the diamond doesn’t strip easily.
<5>. Shortening the length of diamond segment, that is to say from 24mm to 21mm.
2. Diminishing the input power.
Since the thickness of steel blank is reduced, its stiffness is weakened, the torsion force of diamond blade is reduced as well; since the thickness of diamond segment is reduced, the length is shortened, the cutting resistance is reduced; since the sharpness of diamond segment is enhanced, the cutting strength is increased and cutting resistance is reduced. The main motor can be changed from 30kw to 22kw and keep the electric current about 35A, the production output can reach previous standard level.
3. Preventing thermal stress influence.
It is recommended to use low temperature silver solder pieces for diamond segments welding of super thin diamond circular saw blade. To avoid biggish heat affected zone, the heating time of welding should be short (till the silver solder pieces melt); it is recommended to adopt space welding, generally weld one piece of diamond segment after an interval of 6~8 teeth.
Diamond Wire Saw, Diamond Wire
1.What materials could be cut by using the diamond wire saw?
Diamond wire saw could be used for cutting granite, marble, sandstone and other stone quarry. In fact, diamond wires could be used for cutting all materials, like reinforced concrete, cement, iron, asphalt, ceramic, glass and so on.
2.Why the diamond bead and diamond wire may be ripped/destroyed during cutting?
There are four reasons that diamond wire and diamond bead may be destroyed during cutting, the first one is that the diamond wire saw has already worn out; the second one is not use the liquid cooling system, or not add water while cutting; the third one is diamond wire saw could not be mouted correctly; the fourth one is decline or rise its speed abruptly which out of it capacity.
3.What's the difference between sintered and electroplated diamond saw wires?
There's two different methods  to bond diamond for the pear: first by using galvanizing process in the nickel bath, second by using blending metal and diamond sintered in oven or in graphited mould.
4.I have to cut very abrasive materials, like granite and marble. What type of wire should I use?
Firstly, the wire with a rubberized assembly; Seconddly, the type of bead that is resistant to abrasion.


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